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Kyrgyzstan proposes to change the order of admission to residency

Kyrgyzstan proposes to change the order of admission to residency for graduates of medical universities. The draft government decree was submitted for public comment by the Ministry of Health. The document provides that the graduate has the right to enter the residency only in the basic specialty, which he studied at the university. “In practice,

Association of Residents Created in Kyrgyzstan

Residents and young doctors of Kyrgyzstan created an association. This was announced on Facebook by the public relations specialist of the Coalition for Budget Advocacy Elena Bayalinova. According to her, the founders were three associations – gynecologists, intensive care and central medical. “Initially, there was an attempt to associate only family medicine doctors as part

Hemodialysis, an affordable country. The Deputy Prime Minister spoke about the successes of the social bloc.

At a meeting with reporters, Deputy Prime Minister Altynay Omurbekova spoke about the government’s achievements in the social bloc of Kyrgyzstan. According to her, in the field of medicine, the main achievement was the solution of the issue of obtaining hemodialysis services for patients with chronic renal failure. “Today, all patients on absolutely identical conditions

October 29, World Stroke Day

Every year, October 29 is World Stroke Day, set by the World Stroke Organization (WSO) in 2006. The purpose of this day is to increase public awareness about the problem of stroke, about the possibilities of its prevention, informing about early signs of the disease and the need for timely assistance. ⠀ Stroke Prevention ⠀


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